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Akku Vision Test Tower

The Akku Vision Test Tower is an advanced, multifunctional tool for handling e-bike batteries. It was developed to optimize and improve battery service for end customers by specialist dealers as well as OEM manufacturers for their own service network.

Main functions

  • Battery analysis
    The Battery Vision Test Tower enables precise readout of e-bike batteries. This means that the relevant values for the lifetime, such as the SOH and the full cycles can be read out directly without discharging. It provides a detailed insight into the condition of the battery and grants an effective diagnosis.
  • Software-Updates
    Connecting to user-friendly PC software, the Battery Vision Test Tower allows you to update battery software from E-Bike Vision Batteries and OEM batteries from Akku Vision to ensure optimal performance.
  • Capacity check
    By discharging batteries with up to 400 W, the Battery Vision Test Tower can measure the actual capacity of batteries and confirm the previously read values.
Akku Vision Test Tower

The innovative technology of the Akku Vision Test Tower ensures that it is compatible with all market-relevant systems, including Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha. Initially, the system will be primarily compatible with Bosch, but regular software updates will extend compatibility to all systems on the market.

Ma├če: 213 x 124 x 145 mm

The Battery Vision Test Tower is an indispensable tool for any specialist dealer or OEM manufacturer who wants to offer their customers a high-quality and efficient battery service.


Download icon Akku Vision Test Tower Software (Win 10/11 64-bit)

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