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Our FUSIONe 48 V batteries can be individually adapted to different applications. The battery can be provided with our universal mount and features charging, discharging and a locking system if required. With our (fast) charger up to 12 A, the battery is ready to be used again quickly. The charging status can be checked on the 5-stage capacity display.


  • Easy Charging
    With our special charging concept, the battery can be charged separately and in the application.
  • Made in Germany
    Our batteries and Battery-Management-Systems are developed and produced exclusively in house in Germany.
  • Multi-Battery
    Use several of our FUSIONe batteries with the same voltage and communication in parallel in one system for even more capacity
  • Modular
    Your system can be upgraded at any time with additional Akku Vision batteries. Also with different capacities among each other

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Item no.DescriptionCell arrangementCell dimensionCell chemistryCapacityDimensionsWeight
12002FUSIONe M 48 V16S4P26700LFP922 Wh approx. 342 x 232,5 x 94 mm8,2 kg
12004FUSIONe S 48 V13S5P21700NMC1170 Wh approx. 282 x 232,5 x 94 mm6,2 kg

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