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From the analysis of requirement with you, our customer, through cell selection to the design of the battery management system, our professionals accompany you from the enquiry to the finished product in series production and certification. Our colleagues can rely on their many years of experience in corresponding positions in the battery industry and provide you, our customer, with comprehensive advice. This is how your unique battery is created, tailored exactly to your application!

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Project planning

Our project management team will support you in all product development phases during the formation of your individual battery pack. Starting with the development of a concept to the approval of the design, followed by the constructive elaboration with modern 3D tools. We build the necessary prototypes for your verification in your product and their release for tool enquiry. At the same time, our industrial engineering department develops the necessary industrialisation processes and test facilities to achieve production readiness via pre-series and pilot series. After that, nothing stands in the way of the series production of your product.

The individual steps are:

  • Construction space study
  • Concept creation and design approval
  • Prototyping
  • Tool approvals and procurement
  • Test conditions and facility
  • Industrialisation
  • Pre-series and pilot series
  • UN test, certifications and production release
  • Serial production


Our in-house development department includes mechanical, electronic (hardware) and software development. Here we design and develop all the components relevant to a battery pack, such as the housing, cell holders, cell connectors, cable harnesses, battery management system and much more. In addition to the feasibility analysis, development also includes the testing of prototype and pre-series battery packs as well as the integration of the products into your system. Our team of developers consists of employees with many years of experience in the development of battery systems. In addition to cost, the safety and longevity of our developed products are our top priorities. What can we do for you?


Battery explosion illustration

In our own design department, we are happy to incorporate our know-how into your product. Whether you approach us with an idea, a hand-drawn sketch or a fully developed concept, we always do our best to work out your product. This includes not only the production-ready design of plastic, milled, turned and stamped parts, but also the necessary simulations and analyses, such as FEM simulation, tolerance analyses or also swing-in analyses of batteries.

Great attention is also paid to assembly, so that the parts are perfectly matched to our production. Direct contact with upstream suppliers and the technical documentation of all parts round off our range of services.


It is already possible to create 3D-printed prototypes of batteries in the development phase. Depending on requirements, these can be realised as non-functional samples for exhibitions or also with the target weight of the later battery, for example to carry out tests of the battery intake. Fully functional prototypes can also be produced. This means that a prototype battery can be tested in the complete system just a few weeks after the start of development.

3D-printing cellholder prototype


Welding machine

At our location in Haibach - Germany with approx. 5,000m┬▓ of production and storage space, we manufacture our own products for the after sales market as well as OEM products.

Made-in-Germany is important to us, which is why we have successively expanded our production capacities from the beginning with a strong focus on automated manufacturing processes.

With the support of modern equipment, devices and processes, we always achieve a consistently high quality standard.

This enables us to meet the requirements of our customers in Europe in terms of quality, flexibility and short delivery routes at all times.

Customer Service

We offer first-class service for both our after-market products and our OEM products. If something should go wrong with your product, we can remedy the situation within a very short time. Our service network, which covers almost all of Europe, offers a wide range of options. Whether exchange or repair, we take care that your product is quickly ready for use again. Our products have been developed in order to be quickly analysed with our service tools and, in case of a fault, to be quickly repaired. We always keep sufficient quantities of the corresponding components in stock for you.