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This is where we work hand in hand!

We are a well-coordinated team and always ready for new challenges.

Thanks to our employees' many years of experience in the mobility industry and our in-house development and production, we are fully prepared for your project.

Please contact us!

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Akku Vision GmbH Distribution Heiko Friedrich

Heiko Friedrich (CSO)

Heiko Friedrich is responsible for the sales of OEM products in the field of e-mobility. He has been working in the bike industry for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge of customer care, especially in the e-bike sector.

Heiko Friedrich is exactly the right contact person for your new e-mobility project.

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Email iconhfr@akkuvision.de
Akku Vision GmbH Distribution Richard Müller

Richard Müller (Sales industry)

For sales in the industrial sector, Richard Müller is your contact person. With his help and advice, you will find customised battery solutions from Akku Vision that meet the specific requirements and needs and optimise your business processes.

Contact Richard Müller for battery solutions for the industrial sector.

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Email iconrmu@akkuvision.de