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About Us

Akku Vision GmbH was established in 2011 under the name E-Bike Vision GmbH. In 2014, Mr. Daniel Maiberger took over the company and same year it moved to bigger facilities.

Akku Vision continued growing and moved several times and in 2020 a 5000 sqm building was bought in Haibach to put all operations and activities under one roof . Same year Akku Vision formed a joint venture with Triathlon Batterien GmbH and established TAV Battery GmbH where Purchasing/QC and Production are facilitated.

Right from the beginning, the focus was on development of high quality e-bike batteries for the replacement market and over the years the company has achieved significant sales growth. In the beginning Akku Vision had a presence in german speaking markets. Since then Akku Vision has evolved to be an international actor with its main market in Europe where the e-bike batteries are marketed under the E-Bike Vision brand. In coming years, Akku Vision plans to expand its product portfolio into other categories either with own development or/and trading.

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Our mission is to provide a portfolio of innovative, superb products for the storage mobility sector

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Our vision is to become a leading battery and mobility-related product supplier to customers in order to facilitate green energy in a sustainable way.

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Core Values

Akku Vision stands for quality and service. Our goal is to provide value-added solutions for our customers in order to support sustainable and at the same time profitable growth.

Distribution Strategy

A long term strategy has been defined to using Omnichannel in order to reach the end customers.

In other words, the strategy must be well adapted and executed to meet the specific needs by each sales channel such as retailer stores as well as B2C platforms.

Akku Vision is also offering OEM specific solutions under the concept: Bespoke Battery Concept. Our customers are mainly in the ebike segment, but we welcome any customer who seeks a tailor made energy storage solution.


Akku Vision is more than just a supplier, we are a real partner when it comes to being involved in all the steps from development to final product.

We carefully select projects where we can dedicate and commit 100% to ensure fullfilment of the assignment by the customer.

The customer will enjoy a variety of benefits under the Bespoke Battery Concept such as premium 36 months Warranty, Flexible financing of development costs and On time deliveries to mention some benefits.

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Please contact us!

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Akku Vision has built up a strong portfolio of quality replacement ebike batteries marketed under the private label E-Bike Vision.

These are being distributed and sold to endconsumers in all main european markets via distribution partners or own subsidiaries.

All the ebike batteries are developed and assembled in Haibach, Germany. 100% Made in Germany.

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Please visit www.e-bike-vision.de for more information.


Akku Vision is certified with ISO14001:2015 and operates fully to the International Compliance System.

Akku Vision continues to improving in our environmental performance and we are working with our partners and suppliers to find ways to conduct our business with focus on sustainability.


Akku Vision GmbH shares

Mr. Daniel Maiberger, CEO holds the majority shares of Akku Vision GmbH.

The rest of the shares are owned by key persons in Akku Vision and two external venture capitalist firms.


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