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Akku Vision launches two new products at EUROBIKE Show

The much anticipated Test Tower and heavy duty cargo battery FUSIONE both developed and assembled by german battery specialist Akku Vision.

Test Tower is a comprehensive battery tester that reads out and analyse Akku Vision‘s own E-Bike Vision branded batteries and batteries from original drivesystems such as Bosch (Classic/Active/Performance), all Yamaha, all Shimano, all Panasonic, Gazelle Innergy and Specialized.

The Test Tower can be connected to PC/Notebook via USB port and Software is included. Adapters are available for the compatible drive systems. Initially, the system will be primarily compatible with Bosch, through regular software updates, compatibility will be extended to all commercially available systems

Main features of the TEST Tower as following:

Akku Vision Test Tower
  • Generates a Test report
  • Battery can be discharged from 100% to 0% and can trace Voltage, Capacity, Current and Temperature
  • SOH read-out
  • SOC readout „Remaining“ Capacity
  • Full charge capacity
  • Number of charge cylcles
  • And more

The Test Tower is a perfect tool for dealers as well as for OEMs who needs to do a first hand diagnostic of the battery condition.

Serial Production starts in Q3-2023 and ramp up end of Q4.
Akku Vision will present and demonstrate the Test Tower at their Eurobike booth.

FUSIONE is a unique State-of-the-Art battery solution for the fast growing E-Cargo bike segment. The battery is the result of deep market studies, analysis and valuable feedback from customers and finally is honed and ready for commercial use.

Some highlights that makes FUSIONE so versatile are

  • Multi-Battery that enables usage of several batteries for even more capacity
  • Modular Your drivesystem can be upgraded with any Akku Vision battery regardless capacity
  • Smart Charging Special charging solution that allows user to charge separately or in the application
  • Drivesystem Compatibility For the OEM, giving them the freedom to equip their E-Cargo bike with any leading drive unit and FUSIONE will work perfectly with it

FUSIONE is a 48 V battery, available in 3 different sizes (with Universal mount size) and battery ranging from 691 Wh to 2106 Wh depending on cell chemistry choice between LFP or MC and size of battery.
Akku Vision provides chargers up to 12 A which are compatible to NMC and LFP.
The battery communicates with all common used standards such as CAN, UART, One Wire Serial and via Bluetooth App.
FUSIONE is certified with CE, EMV, UN38.3, ISO13849 (Functional Safety Performance level C) and IP67. We can arrange additional certifications like IEC62133-2:2017, EN50604-1:2022-6 and UL2271 if required.

Availability schedule:
Q3 2023 - FUSIONE NMC S (1170 Wh)
04 2023 - FUSIONE LFP S (691 Wh)
Q2 2024 - FUSIONE NMC/LFP M (1638 Wh/922 Wh)
03 2024 - FUSIONE NMC/LFP L (2106 Wh/1152 Wh)

Akku Vision is presenting a working Prototype sample at the Eurobike Show.

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