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Italian E-Bike drive unit maker OLI partners with Akku Vision

"With the goal of expanding their strategic approach to the current industry’s supply chain complexities, Akku Vision and OLI Ebike Systems partner-up to offer complete drive systems compatible with the most diffused frames.

The bicycle industry, as many other production fi elds, is living a profound evolution since two years. We are observing a tremendous interest by bicycle brands to increase proximity with their suppliers. The goal is to ensure a reliable supply chain, have a closer relationship with product development and add fl exibility to production.

Onboarding Akku Vision in our portfolio of available battery packs gives us the opportunity to approach many new brands with a complete drive system directly compatible with their existing frames. We believe to have many added values both from an industrial and a product point of view. Therefore, we don’t want to introduce yet another standard with all the consequent complexities. Our motors, displays and accessories are fully designed and engineered in use. Production of drive units, warehouse and customer service are located in Italy.

We are expanding our team with reps ad service trainer in each country in Europe. OLI eBike Systems is ready to become the next main European player in drive units manufacturing. The partnership with Akku Vision, and other strategic battery manufacturers, is a key for this ambitious goal", Luca Amilicia – OLI eBike Systems Product Marketing Manager.

A complete System

"With the decision by OLI to cooperate with the german based ebike battery manufacturer Akku Vision, OLI now can provide ebike manufacturers a complete replacement of the Bosch gen x drive systems! Not only the motor but also the InFrame battery of Bosch can be replaced 1:1. So there is no further need to developing new frames! In times of critical supply chains, this helps the ebike manufacturers to be deliverable", says Mr. Daniel Maiberger, CEO – Akku Vision GmbH.

"The battery is 630 Wh, available as horizontal/vertical versions and is completely developed and assembled at our factory in Haibach, Germany. We are offering fl exibility and speed to market as we currently promise deliveries within 6 months from order date. We strongly believe that we can fi ll a big gap due to the current challenging market situation." Says Mr. Kim Madsen, CSO – Akku Vision GmbH.

Available Systems

Akku Vision batteries are compatible with OLI EDGE (compatible to Bosch Gen. 4), OLI SPORT (own bracket) and OLI NEW MOVE (compatible to Bosch Gen. 2 & 3) drive units covering every range of application. The system can be completed choosing between the HIGH-VISION, SIDE-VISION and MATRIX displays.

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